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Thursday, February 13, 2014

XXVI Kinda pissed off

So, it's February of 2014. We don't have flying cars. We don't have (and probably never will have) Back to the Future hover boards. Fuck, we don't even have the right to love who we want to. That's right: the fat kid is ranting about equality today!

I live in arguably the best and worst nation on the planet. Sure, women can vote and drive here and interracial relationships happen despite the bigotry of the south. But people get their colons clogged over the thought of a same sex marriage.

Jesus FUCK!

The problem lies with this bullshit myth that we live in a country founded on Christian principles. This country was founded on acts of treason, terrorism, and rebellion. The only Christian acts that founded this country were sticking up for people that were being oppressed. Just because I believe that treasonous and terrorist acts jump-started this nation, it doesn't mean that I am sad it came to that. But all this talk again and again about being a Christian nation needs to stop.

The most spiritual person I've ever known told me the Old Testament was a history lesson and the New Testament was a How To Live guidebook. Guess what; Jesus never would have persecuted or shunned or harassed anyone that loved another, no matter the form of that love. And before ANY ONE tries to lay down the Conservative doctrine of "This is counter to God!" or "This is jeopardizing the sanctity of traditional marriage!" I just want to say "Go find some acid and gargle it."

The ONLY thing conservatives want to conserve is old, rich, white, dudes in power. That's it. Nothing else. The fact that there are black, gay, or female conservatives is beyond confusing to me. The rich white dudes don't care about you. They don't even care about the God they keep belly aching about. All they care about is money and prestige and power.

Side note, I am STILL looking for freedom from religion, and what ever happened to the separation of Church and State? Tell you what, as soon as the Church gives up their tax free status and begins to contribute, then they can voice an opinion on matters of the State. But I digress.

So, rich white dudes and their sycophants scream and moan about the dangers of same sex relationships to our great nation and blah blah blah-bitty fucking blah. Shut up.

Hell, the Declaration of Independence has a line about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. ANY person that grew up in the 80's knows this thanks to School House Rock. Well, what better pursuit of happiness is there than finding someone that makes your stomach churn with butterflies when they're near and churn with anxiety when they're gone. There isn't. So why should anyone have the right to tell you who you love (provided they're of legal age) is an unfit partner or your love is wrong? First off, let's stop letting the morally corrupt politicians have any say in what's right or wrong. Bribes, scandals, murders, bridge closings - I mean seriously, who gives a rat's ass what these bought and paid for mother fuckers has to say about anything?

I've heard the argument about a child should have both parents and all that noise but you know what a child needs? Love. Huh? I'll be damned if the Beatles weren't right. Love is all you need. I would rather see a child grow up in a loving house with same sex parents than a home with fighting hetero parents. That is what gives us healthy children for the future.

In other news, an NFL prospect just outed himself. There has been a lot of press regarding this. I am of two minds of this.
A)Why does this matter?
B)It matters because now he has a certain peace of mind that he doesn't have to live in denial or hide how he truly feels. But Josh, why does this matter? It matters because for every Michael Sam there dozens if not hundreds of young people who dare not come out for fear of retribution. Young people are thrown out of their homes too often (once is one hundred times too often) simply for nothing less than admitting to themselves and others where their heart leads them. It matters because this gives them hope in the belief that they are not abominations. It matters because it shows them that there is nothing wrong with being who they are. Now, I'll admit that I have no true frame of reference for these concerns. But when I heard this happens in the world I live in I was dumbfounded.

When I see the stories like the one where the parents overheard their son preparing to come out and they just wrote him a letter telling him they've known for a while and didn't care as long as he was happy I get choked up. This is what should separate us from the "lesser" animals (you know, the ones that don't fuck each other over for personal gain). Love for Love's sake. That is why this matters. It matters and will continue to matter until it doesn't need to anymore.

If you have stayed with me this long, thanks. I appreciate the time you've given my nonsense. I really just want to help. Well, and to piss off the Westboro Baptist Church.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Twenty Five cent post.

Dusting this off after not being live for over a year. I have moved to Nashville, TN - The land where blinkers are optional. Seriously, the driving skills down here are the absolute worst. It's quite sad really. Overall, I am trying to keep my head down and keep doing my thing.

I will strive to post more routinely in the future. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chapter 20 Verse 4: The one with a suggestion

Hi. Happy Ash Wednesday. Is that a thing? Is that an acceptable greeting? Is it acceptable for a non-Catholic?

Whatever. I have decided to greet you with it anyway. I am sorry (again) for the delay between posts. I was laid off last week. Tuesday February 14, 2012. Someone asked me if I felt the love with my being laid off on Valentine's Day and I said "Yeah, I felt it prison style." Vulgar, but funny. It has been hard to want to sit and just write at this time, but I am doing it now to put off running on my treadmill. Ahh, priorities.

An upside is my wife gets hot and fresh meals when she gets home from work. A downside is the longer this goes on I doubt my self-worth. This could be dangerous since my regular self-esteem level often leaves a shit-ton to be desired.

As I go forward I check websites for jobs and have been in contact with recruiters and am trying to find a new employment opportunity. Wish me luck. (Seriously, I could use all the help I could get.)

Now, about Ash Wednesday and the start of the Lenten season. So, the idea is you give something up that you like to symbolize your getting close to Jesus' time of 40 days and nights in the desert. At least that is how I understand it. So, instead of giving up something, why not take something up? Why not act like a decent human being to strangers both in public and online? Why only do it for 40 days and nights? Why not embrace an attitude of togetherness, seeing as how we have to share this planet together?

There are a bunch of people that seem to get off on stirring shit up and just causing general dissension. How about knocking that off? Why do people insist on beating down the noob? (Newbie for any of you that may not speak gamese.) Guess what. EVERYONE IS NEW AT SOMETHING SOMEWHERE AND SOMETIME!

Instead of berating someone for being new, encourage them and help them and hope they get better than you and are able to teach you something so you can get better too. Why is this such a problem for people? Stop making others, for whatever reason, feel like they are worthless. Remember Rule #3: Don't be a dick. It actually is harder to be an asshole to somebody because the first instinct is generally to be nice to others. Follow that instinct. Embrace it. Don't shy from it.

The baby-boomers have screwed up this country in so many ways. They are too stubborn to get the hell out of the way and too out of touch to keep up. No, I am not going to say to you that before the baby-boomers no person was ever screwed over by another, but the baby-boomers perfected it. And they did it all in the name of business and corporations. Again, I am not going to tell you that making money and being successful is wrong, but if you are screwing people over to make that money then you are an asshole. Shipping job across borders to save money to improve your bottom line for shareholders looks good on paper. But those jobs you are cutting could belong to your neighbors. Guess what. If your neighbor can't find work then money will not be spent in your community. If money is not being spent in your community businesses and schools close and your property value drops and your community suffers. Was it worth it for a few extra bucks?

No matter what religious doctrine you subscribe to or don't, there is no deity/cosmic entity that will look at your bank account and praise you. I am not saying you should give everything away. Have fun, be responsible and pay your debts - don't leave your family in the lurch, but DON'T cause, again - cause someone else to have a lower quality of life because of it. That is just an action that goes against basic human kindness.

I posted previously about running for President. Not sure if anyone saw this. The upsides to me in office are I have no political ties so I have no cronies to answer or pander to and so many of these so called issues, are simply not issues. Laws should be made for the good of the people, not to the advantage of the privileged few. Plain and simple. Gay marriage is not an issue. As someone once said, just call it marriage. What right does anyone have to deny someone else's happiness. Women's health is not an issue. If you are a male not directly involved in the decision due to being the other partner in the DNA soup that may or not be percolating, you have NO SAY!!! It is not up to you. Pure and simple. We are in the 21st GODDAMN CENTURY BUT SO MANY OF OUR DOCTRINES MAKE US LOOK LIKE WE ARE IN THE DARK AGES!!

That's it. I'm tired and am going to bed. My wife is leaving on a work trip to Florida tomorrow and I will be in charge of the house. Scary shit, right? Party Friday night, you are all invited. Two rules, I don't drink and I won't supply liquor unless you are helping me move or assemble big heavy stuff so it's BYOB and no smoking in the house. LET'S DO THIS.

Later all. Embrace a positive mindset. Help someone. For goodness sake, Be Excellent to Each Other.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Number 23: The one that should result in a spin off blog

I am a gamer. I have been since I bought (that's right, I bought it) my first NES. I asked for nothing but cash one birthday so I could get one. Clothes? FUNK DAT! Books? I can get to the library in my school on my own, thank you very much? Self esteem? This has yet to be made purchasable, no matter what ads try to tell us.

It was very liberating to be in control of something that was having grand adventures. Games have come a long way since I moved that little plumber around the fungal fiefdom or shot at those damn water fowl and was mocked by my trusty dog.

Since then I have played many games. Beaten a few, but experienced many, many games. Other than a few low-end games on the PC, I have been a die-hard console gamer. I like being able to buy a game for a specific generation's console and knowing, with the exception of Donkey Kong 64 needing the Jump Pack for the N64 (but it came with it), that it would work. No RAM upgrades or new video cards needed, just happy action playtime, wheeeeeeeeeeee!

Fast forward nearly twenty years. It is 2006 and I am working with a couple of guys that are playing World of Warcraft. I just didn't get it. The screenshots are not that impressive. YouTube videos are ugly. You have to buy it and then pay $15 a month to keep playing? What the hell is that about? Huh? Two week trial? Okay, why not? Wait? Will it work? My tower is an early XP tower, I am not sure it has the "guts" to handle it. Wha? Blizzard works hard to ensure it doesn't outpace computers. Okay, install started.

HOLY SHIT! THIS IS FUN!! And now I am hooked. Great. I missed out on plenty of Triple-A titles due to this. But, $15 a month is cheaper than a $60 game every three months. Hey look, I got invited into the guild my co-workers are in. Wow, they are racing to 70 as I grind through the 40s. I caught up and they helped me get attuned for Karazhan. I even got to go while it was relevant, once. You see, Real Life is a big factor in my life. And while WoW has sunk its brightly colored, slightly cartoony hooks in me, my obligations as a husband and father come first. Always. I wouldn't get into a dungeon unless my family said nothing was going on for a bit. So I began to play the largest MMO by myself.

Now, a few things happened here. Achievements were added to the game so I began obsessing about some of them. Then the Dungeon Finder tool was implemented and I didn't need the sons of bitches that got me hooked on this damn game to play with me anymore. So all of a sudden I was able to get all of the achievements for regular and heroic Wrath dungeons. Whoops, I even got some achievements in the process (Still need Less-Rabi among others).

Another thing that happened was my friends got into raiding guilds and I wouldn't even be considered because I had a nil raiding schedule. So we started 2 guilds on our server, one for each faction. Then one day I logged in and all of my toons had been kicked from the Alliance guild, due to someone being a little drunk and thinking it was funny. In response to this I started my own guild. After spamming chat for awhile I got the signatures I needed and Beans N Mice was born, digitally. As I write this, the guild has 24 toons in it - 20 are an ex-coworkers and mine. Yet, we have earned some achievements. We have about 8 or 9 reputations to get to get the mount, we are very close to Working as a Team, needing only Blacksmithing to be maxed, and due to my grinding PvP rep we need two specific kills for Horde Slayer.

I was making headway and getting things done when Blizzard dropped a pretty huge bomb. Raid Finder. For those that have read this far and are not WoW players let me explain briefly. Blizzard put in a feature that will allow random players to group together in 25 player teams and do an easier version of the current raid content (raids being fights needing 10 or 25 different people.) I have now seen the current Raid content and even have some current Raid level gear. Sure, it is slightly colored differently, but who cares? I have current Raid gear. Woot!

Then Blizzard hit the community with something else: Cross Realm RealID Raiding. This lets players use their RealID, the email their account is linked to, and form Raid groups regardless of what server they play on. The only caveat is they have to be the same faction. Then two web-based communities sprang up. Vitae (Twitter = @vitaemachina) started, a free to use Mumble server for these cross-realm raiders to use to talk to each other while gaming or hanging out. Saz (Twitter = @SerenitySaz) launched Twitterland to use for coordinating these raids.

What this means to me I can finally start playing a MMO with others. But I will still be playing solo too. I have those achievements to get.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Episode XXII: The one with another excuse

Hello all. It is currently two days from Mega Awesome Commercial Day! Like this day every year, there will be a game of some kind used to spread the commercials out to prevent commercial overload.

One thought about this: Why all the hype about these commercials being available on the internet? Teases are one thing, but showing a full blown commercial kind of defeats the purpose. I will wait until the commercials are airing on national TV and will watch them then and look them up later if I feel the need to watch them again later.

Sorry I have not been the most punctual poster, but hey, it doesn't look like I am getting many hits anyway.

For those that don't know, my father-in-law lives with my wife, our daughter, and me. If any of you ever consider taking in a family member to care for them, good luck. This will test and quite possibly break the bonds of love. There have been more biological accidents with this man than my daughter ever had while in diapers. Now this, while gross, is not the worst of it. He seems to think he can get these episodes by us. He will attempt to clean up his messes so we don't have to, but all this does is spread his filth around. Even in his younger, healthier times, he was a slob. He was/is simply incapable of performing the most rudimentary of cleaning duties. If he is not trying to help with these messes, he tries to hide them. This has yet to work for long. We always find them. So, I live with the Oscar Madison of horribly unsneaky ninjas.

Our last episode was a "try to hide it" episode. Let me state, I have never gotten mad at the man for having an accident. Shit, I am 36 and sometimes have negative biological adventures. We all do. I will not hold that against him. Do I look forward to it? Hell no! But I will not hold it against him. Sneaky ninja time? Yeah, that pisses me right off. So, we uncovered a failed ninja attempt and I lost my shit. If you have ever watched pro wrestling in the last two decades, you will have seen at some point Ric Flair. When this man gets hold of a microphone I am always waiting for his head to explode. That was me. I was frothing and spitting and felt my face getting red. I am surprised I didn't black out. I freaking unleashed!

Then, I felt better. I have not really gotten upset since this confrontation. Losing my rage has really taken the urge to rant out of me, which is a big part of what this blog was created for. So, I really haven't been inspired.

Of course, then I followed a link to a Rolling Stone story from a Tweeter I follow and I got pretty upset again. Disgusted even. Man, humans can really suck. That is all I am going to say for now.

Please, be excellent to each other. We need more examples of personal excellence.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Post 21: The one with an excuse

Hey, sorry I missed last week. I have been fighting a sinus infection and focusing on anything more than 15 minutes at a time has been pure hell. Know what's hard to do when you can't breathe? EVERYTHING!

I will try to finish and post the draft I am working on soon. On a topical subject; that football guy that turned a blind eye to child molestation perpetrated by one of his subordinates passed away. Twice apparently this weekend. I read on Twitter a lot of posts regarding how scumbaggy he was. Then his family denied he had died. I woke up this morning to find his family had now confirmed his death.

All I can say is he is lucky I wasn't one of the affected kids' parents. I would have done everything I could to make his end days as long and miserable as possible.

That being said, with the way some of the insane folks that label themselves as right winged talk about the LGBT community, isn't it about time those bastards are taken to task for some of these kids killing themselves. When you have neighbors and peers telling you how bad you are you can shrug it off. I try really hard not to give any stock to my family's comments. But when leaders of the nation are telling you that you don't have certain if any rights because of the way you feel, how are you supposed to reconcile that? I can't imagine how hard living like that would be. Sure, I have had many days where I have wondered if I am loved or not, but I have never been told by the nation's leaders that I am wrong, bad and doomed to Hell. Screw that!

FunFact: The sons-of-bitches in government only have jobs as long as we keep electing them.

I am done for now. As always, comments and shares appreciated. Contact me if you wish, I would love to hear you. Later.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chapter 20: The one with an origin story

It began on a day like most other days - it ended in a "y." I was there to pick up some cat litter or toilet paper or something or other. Then I heard a sound that chills blood to a Slurpee-like consistency - the sound of a runaway cart caught by the wind, careening across the parking lot. Time slowed down like a near-death moment as the cart, which was now a missile of doom and destruction, screamed toward its intended victim  - a Kia Sportage's passenger side rear-view mirror. The cart was closer than it appeared as it sheared the mirror off the car like Van Gogh's ear.

Other witnesses gasped at the carnage. One witness shook her young, modelesque head, finished loading her bags, and pushed her cart into the middle of the empty parking space next to her and got into her car and drove sensibly away.

The rage began to bubble in my gut. I could feel the person I was dissolving and I knew a heretofore unknown facet of my being was claiming dominance of my soul. I knew that the man I used to be, from this moment on, would be just a mask I would wear for the other common people I would now vow to protect and avenge.

A mask...mask...I would need a mask to protect my pretend life and the people in it. No, not just a mask, a costume!  I needed a new look for the new identity and the new life I was determined to live.

My new look from the top down: for my shaved head, a hairpiece so resplendent it makes D. Trump's coif look like a mere ginger merkin; a deep violet domino mask and a black velvet cloak - The Incredibles be damned! - to allow me to blend into the darkness, waiting to strike; a form-fitting midnight blue shirt to offset the cloak, for a natural shadow effect. My identity's final touches - a pro-wrestler unitard to allow for maximum maneuverability and dyed New Balance running shoes.

I wait silently for shoppers with carts; when they prove themselves too lazy or too "inconvenienced" by the convenient cart corrals to actually bother to insert their cart into said corrals, they are greeted by my battle cry, "Corral-Man finds your behavior unacceptable!" Next thing they know they have an imprint of a shopping cart on their forehead and they are picking their sorry, too-lazy-to-place-their-cart-in-the-proper place ass off of the cold, unforgiving asphalt.  Justice.